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個人日記(英語)アネケ | イダ


weather: sunny days and cold nights today it is storming. I love the beautiful stars.
sounds: crows and crickets and the bell at 5 o'clock rung by the monk from the cloister opposite my house: my house has a view on the graveyard and the monastery.
food: breakfast at ricks shop, dinner at huki soup place.
health: arm and foot bath and an incredible massage.
support: Kimiko-san is my rock and great help of mr. and mrs. Nakayama for gave me the stones and their artistic help.
impressions: I have seen funerals, baptism, shinto and Buddhist shrines and temples, schoolsport clubs, karate aikido and sumo wrestling. Beautiful singing at the cultural day, to much to tell.

Today I went to the library after carving the stone for some hours and met Norika-san. She introduced me into the system and showed me the art section. She took me for a walk to the house and the garden where she used to live as a girl, the kairkauen museum. Her aunt gave me a tour in the museum.

I woke up at four o'clock in the night the rain was pouring. I worried about placing four ton of stones to the park in the harbour. The sun started to shine and after a long day the flower is laying in its place.

Friday 12 november
I gave a stone workshop in the class of Tabira-san. I wished I was a kid in her class. The kids made very talented sculptures and for me haikus and songs.

Yesterday I saw sumo training and wrestling, today a baseball match and a nice family lunch. The sand from China in the air is gone now.

Tuesday 16
Two workshops with 25 and 35 children. The principle helped two split the big stones. All the children liked the work. We made an exhibition after finishing the works. Every child could show and explain what they made. With a lot of help from teachers and translators we all had a great time. Yesterday visited a zen garden and had tea with the zen monk a very nice time. In the public library are the most fantastic art books. I made some photocopies of ink drawings and gardens.

Wednesday 17
I got up at 6 in the morning and went to paint the heart of my flower shinto red. Kimiko-san organized a beautiful tea ceremony in a private tearoom in a samurai house, the highlight of my stay.

Friday 17
A really nice day. Starting with a massage and then a visit to Sasebo with a friend. Looking at nice clothes, drinking starbuckscoffee, a good italian lunch and visiting a nice gallery and a talk with a Japanese artist. Hoera. Now I am off to my first ikebana-lesson (Japanese flower arrangement).

Today, good weather and a nice boat trip. Yesterday an very impressive visit to the Sanjudaito temple. I love the sutra for the wisdom.

Thursday 26 nov
The last days: island hopping, workshops and a 4 hour stone carving demonstration and a tv interview. I made some japanese ink drawings as presents.

個人日記(英語)アネケ | イダ

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